In 1976 Dave Dunlevy began his career working in the green industry at Cheap Eddie’s Nursery in Silver Spring for Ed Kerr and his son, Paul. As a 14-year-old, this experience provided the educational and vocational foundation that Dave built the rest of his career upon.




After leaving Cheap Eddie’s, Paul and Jane Kerr started Mar-Lu View Nursery & Landscape in 1979. The beautiful property in Jefferson, Maryland at the base of Mar-Lu Ridge began its long journey of development to the fully functioning Garden Center and Nursery that you see today.




Dave and Angie Dunlevy started D & A Dunlevy Landscapers, Inc. in 1982 with a pick-up truck, some tools, and a treasure chest of experience from the previous six years. Originally operating out of a small location in Rockville, D & A Dunlevy quickly moved to Gaithersburg in the mid 80s and then to its current location in Poolesville in the early 90s.

Early 2000’s



Blake and Katelyn Dunlevy joined D & A Dunlevy in 2004 and 2010 respectively, and began to build upon the success of their parents. From their landscape industry up-bringing to apprenticeship during the early years of their careers, they soon became full contributors, bringing fresh leadership and an exciting new vision for the future.




In 2016, Dave and Angie changed roles from being the directors of the operational side of D & A Dunlevy to acting as the board of directors. In the spring of 2017, Dave sent a letter to customers and vendors officially announcing this change. This letter landed on Paul’s desk and got him thinking…

January 2018



In the late summer of 2017, Dave stopped by Mar-Lu View just to check in with Paul, tell him thank you for the opportunity and education that he had provided, (and maybe sell him a couple yards of freshly screened topsoil).

The timing of this stop seemed to be ordained as Paul told Dave he had read his letter and had been meaning to call him for several days. Paul asked if there was any chance that D & A Dunlevy was looking to expand, and the conversation surrounding transition sprouted in that moment.

The discussion grew over the next few months and a deal was reached that seemed perfect for both parties; allowing for the purchase of the garden center and the property while still letting Paul and Jane live in their home for as long as they would like. The deal was reached and the settlement was in early January 2018.

March 2018



The Dunlevys have changed some things, but have also left some things the same. A fresh vision for the future that builds on the established reputation of nearly 40 years is a great recipe for success. We hope you will come and check out all of the exciting things that are going on around Mar-Lu View!





Blake Dunlevy, a registered Landscape Architect, has worked for the family company since 1996. In 2004, after studying Landscape Architecture at West Virginia University, he joined our company on a full time basis. Today, he oversees the company's overall productivity, quality, strategic direction and personnel development. Blake provides oversight to all aspects of the business, including the design, installation, and maintenance divisions. He is considered to be an expert by his peers in many aspects of landscaping, tree work, drainage, waterproofing, and landscape construction.



Katelyn Dunlevy Perez joined the family business full time in 2010. She received her degree in Business Management with a minor in Spanish from James Madison University. Katelyn manages the company’s finances and oversees all administrative functions as well as the overall business development. Her careful attention to detail, her conservative approach to finances, and her strong desire to develop the business through customer satisfaction helps D & A Dunlevy Landscapers excel. Katelyn’s vision for the future paired with her commitment to sustainable growth will be the backbone of our continued success for many years to come.


Kyle Bini graduated from Delaware Valley University in 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Design. He joined our team in 2015 as the Landscape Design Associate, to help with our quickly growing Landscape Design department. Kyle brings a unique environmental perspective to our design collaborations and boasts a background in marketing coordination. Kyle works with our Landscape Designer, Gina, to develop designs and proposals for large-scale projects.




Gina Palmer, formerly Gina Benincasa, joined our management team in 2011 as a landscape designer. She received a degree in Plant Science and Horticulture from the University of Delaware. She went on to receive a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Gina continually impresses us by her design creativity and artful presentations; she gives careful consideration to every detail. As the lead for our sales effort, Gina has proved to be an incredibly skilled, thorough, and prompt communicator; she leaves nothing to chance and is the ultimate professional in customer interaction.